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Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Located in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an innovation driven biotech company. Dedicated for human vaccine and biopharmaceutical R&D, manufacturing and commercialization for China and international markets, Zerun focuses on advanced vaccine and biological therapy development through building a very strong R&D team and technology platforms. Since its inception, Zerun has received over 2 billion RMB funding from Wison, Walvax, China major private and government funds, as well as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) etc. Zerun also focuses on intellectual property rights and has over 50 domestic and international patents. In addition to its first product launched in 2010, its key blockbuster vaccine has been in later stage of clinical phase III trial, manufacturing validation and BLA filing preparation.  

Zerun’s culture highly respects individual values toward company’s growth and has adapted deeply western industrial management style. Zerun’s R&D leadership and senior management teams compose with mainly oversea returnees with average of over 20 years of US NMC experience. Its domestic and international staff members are from China, USA, German, and India with about 60% MS and Ph.D., and over 10% of employees with oversea study or working experience worldwide.


Job Opportunities

Zerun is a fast growing biotech company in China. With high expectation of continuous expending in next 5 years, Zerun is currently strengthening its R&D, production and management teams preparing for a rapid increase in operation in near and long term. We sincerely invite qualified professionals from aboard and domestic to join us for building an outstanding biotech industry platform aimed at both domestic and international market. 


Position Areas

Job Description



Vice President

Sr. Director



Group Leader

Sr. Engineer

Sr. Scientist



Staff Engineer

Staff Scientist

Program Head

Program Staff

Project Head

Project Specialist

Biological and Vaccine Discovery Research. Upper Stream Development. Technology Development

Senior Managerial Positions are responsible for managing business/project operation and team development and building

Technical Front Line and Leader Positions are Responsible for biologics product discovery research and bioprocess/formulation development, optimization characterization, and scale-up, as well as Project Management and/or GMP operations.

Quality Staff & Managerial positions are Responsible for GMP quality management (QA and QC) including GMP operation management and control, validation, methodology development, optimization.

Education Training in Biochemical/Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Cell BiologyImmunology, Medical Science, Chemistry, and Business with a BS/MS/PhD or MBA degree


Industrial Experience in vaccine, virology, immunology, and biological discovery research, product development, and/or GMP process operation is a plus or preferred for some senior positions

Fermentation and Cell Culture Process R&D and GMP operation

Bio-Purification Process R&D, and GMP Operation

Characterization and Formulation R&D and Formulation/Fill/Finish Process Development and GMP operation

Quality Management (QA and QC) and WHO-PQ Program operations

Domestic and International Business Development and Collaboration Project Management and Coordination

Compensation and Culture

Salary, Bonus, and Stocks
Highly Competitive Compensation

Achievement Bonus

Ownership Encouragement Award

Project Bonus Award

Patent and Publication Bonus Award
Social Welfare
Annual Vacation/Sick Leave

New Year and Holiday Bonus

Subsidy for Food / Transportation

Supplementary Medical Insurance

Annual Health Examination
Double Career Development Paths
Special Career Development Paths

Regular and Specific Training Opportunities

Funding for in-service Education
Advanced International Interactions
Open, Respective, Encouraging Culture
Oriental/Western Style Human Relationships

Many Team and Employee Activities

Humanized Working Environment

Encouraged and Recognized individual values

If you are interested in working for the company, please send your CV to us and feel free to contact us at or, Tel: 86-21-8016-5057/5000
If you would like more information about our company from website, please visit our website: www.