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Zerun Biotech Donated Hepatitis A Vaccine to Disaster Affected Areas in Yunnan Province, China


Sep 3,2012

(September 3, 2012 Shanghai, China) Zerun Biotech donated one hundred thousand doses of Hepatitis A vaccines called Veraxim with a market value of 13 million RMB or 2 million USD to the flood affected disaster areas in Yunnan Province, China. This donation is an important part of the “Compassion for Affected People in Flood Areas” Charitable Event organized by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Beijing Biotechnology and New Pharmaceutical Industry Promotion Center.

Since this summer, the border regions in Yunnan Province has experienced several floods which  resulted in infrastructure damage and severely affected the living condition of the people including clean drinking water. Following floods, it is quite likely for food borne infectious diseases to occur and spread, such as diarrhea and hepatitis A. To protect school aged population, Zerun Biotech decided to donate its Hepatitis A vaccine called Veraxim to the disaster areas in Yunnan Province, China. 

Veraxim is the world’s first hepatitis A vaccine produced in Vero cells. The production process employs multi-stage purification and formulation step to ensure product purity, stability, safety and immunogenicity. 

In order to protect the vaccine from high temperatures which may affect the quality of the vaccine, Zerun Biotech, at its own expense, shipped the vaccines via cold chain transportation via air first to the capital city of Yunnan Province, Kunming, then by land to the Regional Center For Disease Control and Prevention at Xishuang Banna Autonomous Region and at the City of Pu’er, respectively in Yunnan. 

Since its inception, Wison has always strived to “develop science and technology to improve people’s lives”. In addition, Wison has been a social responsible corporate citizen: growing its business and contributing to the education and the well-being of those in need. This donation of vaccine is one of the examples of Wison’s giving back to the society.