Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Co.,Ltd



Product Pipeline

Shanghai Zerun Biotechnology Ltd is an innovative vaccine R&D corporation committed to developing novel vaccines, such as the Virus-Like Particle (VLP) based vaccine used to prevent virus-related diseases. We are currently developing first and second generation HPV vaccines, regrouping HFM (Hand, Foot, and Mouth) Disease (EV71 and CA16) vaccines, and more. Our first generation HPV vaccines are undergoing stage III clinical trials.

In addition to developing prophylactic vaccines, Zerun Bio also focuses on developing therapeutic vaccines based on proprietary molecular design and technology, such as the therapeutic HPV vaccine. The therapeutic HPV vaccine differs from traditional prevention-usage vaccines in that it possesses re-engineered therapeutic properties that can be used to treat chronic infections, cancer, autoimmune diseases, transplantation rejection, and so on. Our project focuses on the research and etiology of cervical cancer involving the HPV virus infection, and on developing a cure and treatment based on specialized compound engineering. We now expect a breakthrough in the field of therapeutic vaccines and are preparing to move our research to the clinical stage.